Top 5 travel podcasts

You could be watching a film or getting swept away to foreign lands in a good book. Whatever your choice, there is a fantastic amount of travel inspiration out there! Podcasts have fast become a popular form of both education and entertainment in recent years. Today we have put together our top 5 travel podcasts to inspire your adventures!

Travel Diaries

Have you ever wondered where one of the world’s most wealthy, aka Sir Richard Branson’s all-time favourite country is? Or which far flung adventures have best shaped explorer Sir Michael Palin’s life? Luckily for us, journalist and travel aficionado, Holly Rubenstein is not afraid to get under the skin of some of the most influential trailblazers on our planet, each week, as part of her standout ‘Travel Diaries’ podcast. 

With her easy-going demeanour, Holly takes the listener on a personal and colourful journey through eight key chapters of the guests life. From their earliest childhood travel memory to the first place they fell in love with. And of course, the one we all really want to know, the country on top of their bucket list. 

Prepare to be absolutely inspired by the likes of Branson and Palin, as well as other high ranking characters, such as Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler and respected TV chef Rick Stein.

Women Who Travel

Meredith Carey and Lale Arikoglu are the creative editor duo behind the ultra elegant travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveller. Each week they host the empowering series ‘Women Who Travel’. They captivate the listener with real life stories from a global community of aspiring women who travel. 

As more women are travelling the world alone than ever, there is no better time for us all to listen to these profound solo travel experiences. Prepare for plenty of life lessons of courage and fortitude. 

From female refugee experiences to professional surfers and digital nomads – we hear directly from these women and the major impact they are making across the travel industry. Topics such as travelling safely, trusting your instincts and slowing down abroad are covered. All valuable lessons we can take with us on our next big adventure! 

Solo Female Traveller in Sri Lanka

The Splendid Table

There’s nothing better than sampling local cuisine whilst exploring a brand new destination. Tasting such delicacies is a hugely enjoyable part of immersing yourself in a new corner of the world. Nobody knows this better than award-winning food writer, Francis Lam. He hosts ‘The Splendid Table’ a travel podcast that delves into the cultural diversity of the food world. 

Each week, Francis Lam whisks listeners off on a journey of the senses and hosts discussions with a whole host of writers and enthusiasts who share their passion for culinary delight. In such unusual times, it is great that we can still travel around the world, without having to actually leave the kitchen! Don’t miss the recent episode about Japanese home cooking and the everyday foods enjoyed by Japanese families. Take a food journey throughout the region of the Black Sea, discover the best noodles in Thailand and even learn where food meets spirituality on the islands of Haiti. 

Japanese Cuisine

Beach Too Sandy, Water too Wet

We all really need a good laugh and distraction from everyday life at the moment, don’t we? A ‘Beach Too Sandy, Water too Wet’ is one of the funniest podcasts series you can listen to right now. It will provide comfort and light hearted entertainment when we all need it most!

Hosted weekly by brother and sister co-hosts, Alex and Christine Schiefer, the siblings offer hilarious commentary on your everyday tourist spots across the USA. The duo have scoured the internet for hundreds of one-star reviews on everything from restaurants, souvenir shops, and even ghost tours. The reviews are so random and set perfectly against melodramatic music which will have you howling. 

If you have worked in customer service before, maybe you can relate and be joyful this wasn’t a customer you had to deal with. But if not, there’s no denying the simple humour of taking a complaint a step too far. 

Armchair Explorer

Here at Tucan Travel, we believe in the true spirit of exploration. Seeking fascinating new landscapes and the freedom of going into the unknown is at the heart of it. We love nothing more than the feeling of escapism and could listen for hours about unforgettable stories from ambitious adventures and their tales from past road trips.

The ‘Armchair Explorer’ hosted by award-winning travel writer and author, Aaron Millar takes listeners straight into the heart of such expeditions. It will have you holding on to the edge of your seat! Episodes range from ‘Driving 2500 miles across India in a Three Wheel Rickshaw’ with journalist Simon Parker to ‘Walking the Amazon’ with Ed Stafford and ‘Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda’ with Praveen Moman, plus many more. 

Right now we all find ourselves with plenty of time to dream and plan our next adventure. Therefore this has to be the perfect podcast to listen to during a quiet moment. It is a reminder that when it comes to travel, the sky really is the limit and we’ll all have some exciting tales to tell back on the road soon. 

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Thanks for reading about our top 5 travel podcasts. If you would like further travel inspiration then head to Tucan Travel or read more on the blog here!

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