Booking your Antarctica Cruise

One of the last undiscovered regions and the least populated, this vast expanse of white spreads out as far as the eye can see. During the winter, the continent is flung into perpetual darkness but in the summer, the days are long and it is at this time that the diverse wildlife really flourishes.

An Antarctica cruise is a trip of a lifetime however you do it and we are here to make sure you do it right. Here some of your questions will be answered and you should find information to help you make that important decision. To book your cruise today, contact a member of the reservations team.

About the boat

The ice-strengthened MV Ushuaia has been designed specifically for Antartica's harsh conditions. The boat sleeps 84 passengers in 41 cabins of differing size and standard. There is an abundance of deck space and public areas and land is accessed by inflatable boats designed to have minimal impact on the environment. Crew on board include the captain, officers and crew who are highly professional and experienced in Antarctic navigation.

Our vessels are assessed at the end of every season and go in for full maintenance to ensure the comfort of your voyage.


The MV Ushuaia has a maximum capacity of 84 passengers and as the ship is one of the smallest to navigate Antarctica, the size allows for a more personal and private experience. Unlike other ships, all passengers can disembark at the same time allowing for longer and more frequent landings.

There is one crew member for every two passengers and one experienced guide per 20 passengers. Our guides are chosen based on their knowledge, experience and qualifications. They are all constantly being trained and educated to maintain our high standards.

Cabin Types


  • Twin bunks
  • Portholes to deck E
  • Semi private bathroom
  • Washbasin

Standard Plus

  • Twin beds
  • Portholes to deck E
  • Private bathroom
  • Washbasin


  • Single or double beds
  • Windows to upper deck
  • En suite

Please note: Cabins with semi-private facilities share one bathroom accessible through both cabins.

What to expect

We try to make at least two landings a day of three hours each. With so many guides, passengers are split in to smaller groups for more specialised activities according to interest. Meals are served at times depending on shore excursions. Continental and American breakfast buffets, buffet or seated lunch, afternoon tea and three course dinners are included on every day of your cruse. Coffee and tea is offered throughout the day and the bar serves beer, wine and other drinks at reasonable prices.

During the days at sea when there are no landings, guides off informative lectures and informal talks.

When to travel

Due to the harsh winters, Antarctica and Ushuaia are only accessible between November and March. During this time, the seasons change greatly. The young are at different stages of development and the concentration of wildlife continually changes. During this time, there is no best time to travel with each moment being more spectacular than the last.


No visas are required to enter Antarctica but as the boat leaves from Ushuaia, you must make sure you have the correct visa for Argentina.


Please keep in mind that many of the places you are visiting on the voyages are unique. We are very proud of our outstanding reputation for conservation and respect for all the ecosystems we visit. Please assist us in maintaining this reputation. Our lecturers and staff will accompany you on shore excursions and provide you with guidance and specific information for the region. We kindly ask you to bring back any kind of garbage to the ship where it will be correctly disposed of. For cruises to Antarctica you will receive our Antarctic Guidelines with your travel documents.

  • We only change your towels upon request. By leaving towels on the floor, we understand that you want them to be changed. Please hang them up if this is not the case.
  • Our toilets are very sensitive. Please refrain from flushing toilet paper.
  • The water is safe to drink.
  • Smoking is only permitted on exterior decks excluding the Zodiac deck. Never throw cigarette butts overboard.


An important part of any travelling experience is learning about the places you visit, the wildlife you see and the life of those who work to maintain it. On board our ships, a team of lecturers work to ensure you get the most out of your voyage. They will give lectures, lead shore excursions and be on hand to answer your questions. The team has been selected for their professional accomplishments and reputations. Shore excursions will be outlined the evening before in preparation for the following day. It is essential that you follow the instructions of your expedition leader.

In the specially equipped Lecture Room on Deck E, lectures and films are offered delivering stimulating and informative material.

In the library we have a wide variety of reading materials from international titles to an emphasis on reference material related to your voyage. Here you will also be able to access playing cards and board games.

During the time we are in areas where there is a possibility of sighting wildlife, the ships’ officers and staff are constantly on the lookout. However, please don’t hesitate to report a sighting to the bridge or staff. If we are fortunate enough to sight wildlife, we will announce it from the bridge, regardless of the hour. If you wish to go back to sleep please do so

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